For our company – Weifang Dragonfly Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

For our company – Weifang Dragonfly Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

For our company – Weifang Dragonfly Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Our company, Weifang Dragonfly Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., will achieve leapfrog development in 2021. The scale of the company’s personnel will increase by 3 times, the company area will be expanded by 8 times, and the research and development technology will continue to innovate, creating unique technologies such as screen linkage, Android system, and Bluetooth connection. A series of new beauty devices – Ice Cube, endosphere, Moonlight Box, Dreamer, etc., are the most advanced smart beauty devices in the industry, and are new technologies that peers have been pursuing. In 2022, we will also uphold the fine tradition of 2021, continue to innovate and make progress, and strive to achieve better results in the field of beauty equipment. To produce better, more comfortable and more convenient beauty equipment, to provide our customers with better after-sales service. A real sale is only the first step in selling. From the customer’s point of view, solve the problem to the greatest extent, so that customers have high-quality products. In terms of after-sales service, we have a complete after-sales service team. We will provide customers with detailed online teaching on a series of issues from machine installation, handling operations, machine maintenance, etc., to fully guarantee the rapid profitability of customers. Provide customers with two years of machine after-sales service. When the machine encounters quality problems, we can not only provide comprehensive video guidance in time, but also repair the machine for customers free of charge. We will always put the interests of customers first and solve customers’ problems. Solve problems for yourself and solve the worries of customers.

In 2022, Weifang Dragonfly Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to optimize, innovate and improve, and contribute all its passion and strength to the laser hair removal machine.

Product advantages

1. Android screen

Real iPad screen, 15.6-inch Android system, can play videos, pictures, link with mobile phones, work and live with smart phones

2. Screen linkage

The handle smart screen can be linked with the large screen to directly control the handle, saving time and effort during the treatment process and improving work efficiency

3. Input parameters directly

Save time and improve treatment efficiency

4. 2 IN1 Multifunctional Titanium

Unique technology to support custom IPL/ND YAG+ diode lasers. No need to buy other machines, save your costs, quickly return funds, and make profits quickly

5. Guarantee the effect of treatment

The American COHERENT rod has 50 million rounds and is equipped with MW power supply. The machine energy is very powerful, and it is 100% imported. Gold-tin sintering technology, can treat 10000+ customers. Advantages: Not easy to burn. Good customer experience, low maintenance cost and stable quality.

6. The lowest temperature of the upgraded handle is -25℃, painless freezing point hair removal, high customer satisfaction

7. We provide comprehensive video tutorials to ensure that every buyer can quickly master the use of machine processing skills, and it can be easily installed by only one person. The latest screen operating system, instant profit.

8. Smart Andriod system, download App, integration of life and work

9. Three waves: This machine has 3 waves, 755+808+1064mm, suitable for hair removal of various skin types. One machine can satisfy customers of different skin tones, save costs and make profits quickly.

10. Internal structure: modular layout, clean and tidy, which is conducive to later maintenance. Separation of water and electricity to ensure safety. Hidden wiring, more beautiful. Hollow design, ventilation, beauty, weight reduction, to ensure the safety of the machine.

11. 2 years warranty, if the machine has quality problems, we can not only provide video guidance, but also provide free maintenance to provide protection for your business.

12. Customize machine functions

Our machines can be customized according to customer needs to meet the requirements of customers for multiple purposes, reduce input costs and improve machine cost performance.

Post time: Sep-15-2022