High Quality Multi Speed Level Adjustable Home Use Professional Wart Spot Mole Removal Pen Plasma Pen

Short Description:

Wireless Microblading Beauty Equipment Sweeping Spot To Remove Spot Pen LED Freckle Removal Machine Household Small Spotting Pen
Usage:Mole spots and freckle removal
Multiple functions, simplified into one
1) The voltage is stable. Electric ion technology, no current will be felt during use
2) Wireless operation. Built-in AB polymer battery, can be charged by USB, can be used for 5 hours on a single charge
3) Gear adjustment. Six levels of freely adjustable power output, smart and reliable operation

Product Detail

The characteristics

Comfortable feel. Adopting a design that conforms to the gesture curve, it feels comfortable to hold, more stable to hold, and
safer to use
LED liquid crystal display, the gear current is clear at a glance
Two large needles can be exchanged, thin needles are suitable for removing spots and small moles, etc.
Thick needles are suitable for spot scanning

All mole removal pens do basically the same thing. They come with a small needle – or sometimes a variety of needles for different applications – that heat up. When you apply the pen to the mole you’d like to remove, it essentially cauterizes the area.
This method prevents the area from bleeding, but a small scab will form. It may take a few weeks, but eventually, the scab will shed, and you should be left with clear skin where the mole used to be.
Most moles should only require a single treatment, but if you didn’t get the full area on the first try, or if you didn’t use a high enough setting, you may have to do it again.
This same process can also be used to help clear up age spots, skin tags, freckles, and even small tattoos.

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